With the help of our tutorials you can now watch to air channels on your digital TV decoders

Just follow the steps below and enjoy your favorite channels for free

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  • Download the Unscrambler firmware called DTB firmware
  • After downloading this firmware, save the files to a usb flash disk or memory card.
  • Turn on the tv box and insert your usb disc.
  • Using your tv box remote control, press menu and select software upgrade >via usb.  
  • A dialog will pop requiring you to confirm.   
  • Press ok to confirm upgrade and wait for it to upgrade. (This process takes about two minutes to complete.)

NB. You can also return your decoder to its factory or original settings any time if you wish.

When upgrade completes, switch the box off and on again and perform an automatic scan and you will be amazed to see that all the channels that were previously marked with $, € or £ are now unbscrambled and accessible free of charge.

NOTE: If anything goes wrong you can factory reset your decoder.

“Your Decoder Doesn’t have a USB bot”

If your decoder doesn’t have a USB port, you will need to open it.

If you are a computer hardware geek, go ahead – using the SATA USB slave the

motherboard of the Decoder and install the software from your laptop. The motherboard

has a port for SATA USB.

Enjoy your favorite channels now

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